Are you considering a career in Security? Security has several roles, and can be an exciting and rewarding career choice. The roles with Security can greatly vary, filled with unique challenges and ongoing career advance opportunities.

Security professionals are relied on to protect employees, customers, residents, civilians, patients, and company assets, to mention a few. If you are new to Security or a seasoned vet in the industry, PPI education can help you prepare for your next role or keep you current in your training.

In this article we are going to explore 5 Types of Security guard roles, and the additional opportunities they offer.

  1. Cybersecurity

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more prevalent in daily life, and cybersecurity has become more important than ever before. A Cybersecurity expert is relied on to protect both a company’s assets, personnel and customers from a variety of online threats.

This role is fast changing and requires ongoing skill development in our fast paced technological world. In addition to computer training, Security Practitioners can easily enter this area of Security in a variety of roles. If you are a Security Practitioner and looking to enter the Cyber Security role, AESM training will help you start on the path to a Cyber Security role.

  1. Border Services Agent

Border services agents are the first-line defence for national security. Daily they may intercept a number of criminal activities and regularly face difficult situations, yet rewarding as you protect the nation where you live.

Border Agents are responsible for controlling the movement of people, and good between countries, keeping contra-ban products out of the country, apprehending or denying access to individuals who are inadmissible or pose a threat, and collecting required duties and taxes on goods.

Within Canada there are several requirements to becoming a Border Agent, you must have a Canadian high school diploma, a valid Canadian drivers license and be a Canadian citizen or have permanent residency.

  1. Law Enforcement Officer

It’s not uncommon for those looking to go into law enforcement to start their career as a Security guard. Much like a Security guard, Law enforcement officers are expected to protect citizens, prevent crime, and maintain general order while helping the public in any way possible. There’s a lot of crossover in the tasks required by a Law Enforcement Officer and a Security guard.

When considering a career in law enforcement, an individual would want to be in good physical shape as there are several physical assessments, critical thinking and ability to perform under tense situations are also vital skills.

  1. Private Investigator

A private investigator often runs their own business or work under contract with larger firms. The role requires an acute mind, able to process and respond quickly as they are often working in  dangerous circumstances.

If you are considering a private investigator role, exceptional computer skills, and a comfort in working alone in unpredictable circumstances is a must. Often the role will require extensive travel, and sacrifice of a personal life.

  1. Private Security

Private Security is often one of the most exciting careers in Security. While it often requires military training, starting as a Security guard is a great entry point to lead into a career in private security.

Private security contracts can often vary in requirements and environment, ranging from private property through to war zones, and often enlisted to protect either a life or asset. In military type settings, the use of firearms and specialized military training skills are often required. A private security contract can include: Protecting large environment jobs, guarding political personnel, training other security personnel, providing operation support or intelligence.

Are you considering a role in Security? Are you in Security and looking to grow your career? There are several options, the first steps in training. At PPI, we offer 3 levels of certification for existing Security guards who are looking to grow within their careers.


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