PPI was established in 1998 to provide a holistic, compliant, and practical security training to frontline security personnel. Over the past two decades we have evolved through best practices and consulting with security subject matter experts and have developed over 100 training certification programs for frontline and security professionals.
What Is Cesp

We excel through education

We excel through education and have successfully bridged the gap for security personnel that wish to further advance their career. PPI collaborates with world recognized educational institutions to offer registered professional certifications and designations. Our three-tiered certification program is designed to provide a competitive edge in the security market and is tailored to suit every level of experience.

The Level One certification program is designed for security professionals who are new to the industry or management role. This program is also a prerequisite for our professional certification designations, and cover the fundamentals of leadership, physical security, and customer experience.

What is AESM™ and CESP™ ?

The Accredited Enterprise Security Manager™ “AESM™” is a registered professional certification designed for mid-level security professionals who seek to round out their knowledge of leadership, physical security, emergency management, and security technologies.

The Certified Enterprise Security Professional™ “CESP™” is a gold standard for security professionals. It is designed for mid-career professionals from a variety of backgrounds, who are responsible for managing the core functions of a security business.  The CESP™ designation program is designed in collaboration with educational experts in professional development and the security industry. It brings the latest security trends and best practices to broaden perspectives, and enhance critical thinking, leadership, communication, and conflict resolution with a particular focus on physical security

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Mission Statement

PPI is committed to enhance growth opportunities within the security industry by offering the most current and practical security, management, and leadership education, through shared knowledge and collaboration with world-renowned educational institutions.