What opportunities are available in a private security company?

Whether you are new to the security industry or have been working in the frontline as a security practitioner for many years, you may not have realized the career opportunities that exist in the private security industry yet.

There are over 20M people working in the private security industry. It’s an industry worth more than$180B annually. This is only the peak of the iceberg, private security has many other positions, beyond that of mere frontline security personnel.

Discover the Possibilities

Private security companies have many internal organizations and departments to manage the resources and operations of the company. The following is a compilation of some departments and positions within a typical private security company:


Private security companies are like trade or manufacturing companies, most look to promote based on experience, this can take a long time to achieve.

Education acquired skills are talents and expertise that can propel your security career. There are tremendous opportunities to grow a professional career in various capacities within the private security industry.

All you need to do is look, and see the forest!

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