Corporate Programs

The days of in-house training has long gone. Most companies are recognizing the power and benefits of strategic partnerships and outsourcing models has for their organization, employees, and customers with distinct advantages.

Paradigm Professional Institute (PPI) specializes in security education and training with over two decades of experience working with industry professionals, subject matter experts, and professional educators from various universities. We continuously develop and deliver the latest training programs with great efficiency and improve results.

Here are some reasons why you should consider partnering with PPI education for the training and education of your employees:

Reduce Operating Cost and Cost of Labour and Ownership

Through partnership with PPI, you will be able to significantly lower operational and labour costs related to training personnel, physical real estate and training facilities, and the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining equipment. One of the major downfalls of having an in-house program most often overlooked is the cost of research and developing new training programs, and the fees associated with maintaining and upkeeping intellectual properties. Bundled package courses are offered as little as $4 a course.

With PPI, you will have access to the latest training curriculum researched, developed by industry subject matter experts, and in collaboration with and approval from Canadian universities.

Improve Outcome and Results

Strategic use of professionally developed resources such as PPI education will improve outcomes and results for your employees, company, and customers. PPI has been developing and delivering security education and training programs for over 2 decades. We have trained more than 1.3M security personnel and influenced career growth in the security industry by offering career paths and options for security practitioners to mid-level management positions.

Reduce Risk and Liability Associated with Training

PPI instructors are licensed and certified by multiple Provincial Ministries across Canada. They are also certified by third party agencies as a train the trainer. PPI courses are certified by major universities in Canada which are governed by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and Ministry of Education. PPI tactical training courses are certified and court defensible.’

PPI training and certifications are insured with $2M general liability and $13M for third party.

Access to the Latest Education and Training

PPI is the only private security training and education organization in North America with university approved courses and accredited certification programs. Over the past 25 years, PPI educators and subject matter experts have created hundreds of training and certification programs for frontline security personnel with pathways to security management and professional designations. PPI courses are delivered on multiple training platforms to enhance the adult learning pedagogy and provide accessibility and flexibility for all learners.

Drive Flexibility and Speed

Speed is the new currency of business. Speed matters during the development stages of your products, as well as during your product launches and delivery to end users. But without flexibility speed holds little meaning.

Through partnership with PPI, we offer expertise and accreditation certifying your customized training program with various delivery methodology options related to your needs and the needs of your customers. We also have the resources to develop new training and educational content to help you provide your customized solutions with proprietary and market differentiator advantages to your customers.

Leverage Professional and Well-Established Training Methodology

Great products require great processes. PPI uses state of art technology learning platforms which have been adopted by major universities globally. PPI is a great partner for you, to ensure your training methodology is professional, competent, and delivers exceptional results for your learners and customers.

PPI instructors deliver your training on three platform:

  • In person (In Classroom Training – ICT)
  • Instructor led (Virtual Training Room – VTR)
  • Computer led (Self-Paced Online Courses – SPOC)

Access to Resources

PPI educators and trainers are available and accessible to you no matter where you are. Most of our training curriculum is delivered online through self-paced or instructor led training. However, our certified and highly qualified trainers, with decades of experience, are available to you and your customers as a resource. We can facilitate in person teaching, tactical simulations, and physical training at your facility or a facility of your choice and support you from one of our satellite locations across the world.

Focus on Core Business

Whether you are a small security operation or a national provider, one of the most common mistakes companies make is taking on every aspect of the business without considering other options to support their business so they can focus on the most important area of the core business deliverables. Training and a critical part of the security company. Having professionally developed and current content and delivering it at the speed of the business is critically important to the success of onboarding and deploying the work force.

With the current state of the economy, it is more important than ever to focus on your business and its clients. Every second matters, so you must prioritize your time for activities that will help the success of your business, customer relationships, and confidence in your ability to deliver training to your security personnel whether it is a requisite for pre-deployment or part of the advanced succession planning for your security team.