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Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST)

PPI guarantees your success in obtaining your Alberta Security Guard License.

About the Online Exam

The Alberta Basic Security Training Course, or ABST, consists of seven (7) modules. Students must complete all modules (approximately 40 hours), and apply to write the online provincial exam to receive provincial certification and apply for a security license in the Province of Alberta. Once you have logged your required 40hrs we will email you your Training Certificate and instructions to book your Online Exam. The online exam is paid separately to the exam provider and costs $60.

Alberta Security License Course

Upon completion of our Alberta Security License Course, participants will have working knowledge of the Security Industry and should be able to:

  1. Describe the specific roles and responsibilities of a Security Professional.
  2. Explain Federal and Provincial Legislation and Regulations in relation to the work of a Security Professional
  3. List and describe the knowledge and skill sets required to perform Basic Security Patrol duties.
  4. Understand and apply a professional and effective style of communication in order to manage and control incidents.
  5. Demonstrate exceptional proficiency and accuracy in notetaking and Security Report Writing.
  6. Understand and articulate the process of managing an Emergency Incident / Emergency Response
  7. Maintain personal and professional safety and well being while working as a Security Professional.

Professional Security Program

The outcome for this program is intended to instill course participants with knowledge and skill sets in the following areas:

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