Paradigm Professional Institute

Certified Advanced Security Practitioner - CASP™

Paradigm Professional Institute (PPI) was established in 1998 to provide holistic, compliant, and practical security training to all levels of security professionals. We have worked with security leaders and subject matter experts and collaborated with Wilfrid Laurier University – Centre for Public Safety and Well-Being, to bring you the Certified Advanced Security Practitioner™ (CASP™) program. This 70-hour self paced online training is designed to advance your career and provide you with an industry recognized university approved certification.

Fast Track Your Security Career

It can take years to build the skills and qualifications for various work sites. Each credential opens doors to increased pay and career advancement.

CASP™ offers the fastest way to earn the qualifications to become a security professional. Our courses cover the most fundamental security training programs required for all market sectors.

Bypass the obstacles of multiple training programs and timelines. With CASP™, you get the best education in the shortest period of time.

70 Hours Self-Paced Learning

The CASP™ university approved certification program consists of 24 well designed courses that will provide security practitioners with the essential security education required for advancing in various security markets. Earning a CASP™ will demonstrate your commitment to continuous education in security and will create a marketable differentiator for your career advancement.

Look to the Future

CASP™ delivers a differentiator that sets you apart. It’s your passport to advancement in the security industry and its benefits are transferable. The certification builds your resume with a university approved education, something that is respected in every industry.

World Class Educational Partner

PPI has collaborated with leaders in education from Wilfrid Laurier University’s Centre for Public Safety and Well-Being and security industry experts to develop a series of micro-credential courses for advanced security training.

These advanced courses are designed for security personnel who wish to unlock their career potential in the industry.

CASP™ certification is accepted as a required prerequisite for Security Management Certification™ (SMC™).

Access New Levels

As a Certified Advance Security Practitioner™ (CASP™) you
will be qualified to work in various security environments,
such as Commercial, Residential, Campus, Healthcare,
and Retail properties. Those who achieve a CASP™ certification will be considered a premium employee.

  • Create a differentiator from your peers
  • Access to premium job sites and pay rates
  • Expand your career options and potentials


Self-Paced Online Courses are designed to offer a flexible study schedule


Virtual Training Rooms host small virtual live group sessions delivered by experienced instructors.

Schedule Flexibility

  • 70 hours of online courses that fit your schedule
  • Self-paced learning
  • Learn anywhere
  • Access to professional support are designed to offer a flexible study schedule
  • Virtual Training Rooms host small virtual live group sessions delivered by VTR experienced instructors.

Course Outline

For detailed course outline please refer to the CASP brochure