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Breaking Bias by Discourse

This course is designed to help professionals grow personally by enhancing emotional intelligence and self awareness when dealing with cross cultural differences. Learners are engaged in a journey of personal discovery to better understand cognitive and implicit bias. Leave with a new perspective on treating others with dignity and respect.

About Discourse

Discourse is a professional services agency supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) with a risk management lens. The specialists have decades of experience managing complex DEI projects; everything from strategic planning, implementation, and performative action post human rights tribunals. Their expertise has been sought by the Canadian public sector, government agencies, and private institutions.
About Discourse

Course Description and Learners Outcome

Small Cohorts
Small cohorts are engaged virtually with a Discourse certified instructor to better understand their Active Bias. Participants will learn through academic teaching, scenario-based exercises, and actual experiences. The course takes 4 hours to complete followed by a short exam. Upon successful completion, an accredited certificate will be issued by Wilfrid Laurier University.

Course Syllabus and What to Expect:

Organizations can easily deliver a Canadian university accredited bias awareness training to their workforce. Learn how this course can help build capabilities, mitigate risk, and protect brand reputation at scale by contacting us today.