Paradigm Professional Institute

Security Management Certification™ (SMC™)

Anyone who is interested in advancing their career in the security industry. These courses offer an opportunity to advance the participants practical knowledge within the security industry and give them the edge they need to excel in their career.


Minimum two (2) years proven experience in the security industry or successful completion of Certified Advanced Security Practitioner™ (CASP™) program

Course Outline

Fundamentals of Supervision and Management

6 Weeks – 12 Lessons
If you have recently been promoted to a supervisory or management position or want to learn how to become a more effective manager, this course will help you master the basics of business by learning the language of management. You will learn how to make a successful transition from employee to manager, and you will learn how to manage your time so that you can deal with the constant demands of a managerial job. You will learn the skills required to delegate responsibility and motivate your employees. A large part of a manager’s job involves getting things done through other people, and this course will help you understand how to influence and direct other people’s performance. Finally, you will learn how to solve problems and resolve conflicts so you can accomplish your job more effectively.


Security Program Foundations

4 Weeks – 4 Lessons

What is a security program? How to develop one? What is the foundation for a good and effective security program? What are the components and the processes to maintain a program.

In this four-week online course, you will learn how to effectively create a security program, design a framework, implement and maintain it.

Through this course, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to execute your developed plan, engage stakeholders, advise on protocols and policies to protect an organization, and reduce losses.


Security Post Orders Review and Development

2 Weeks – 4 Lessons

The development of Post Orders can be a cumbersome undertaking. The type of security program, the property, and threat/risk; these components add to the complexity of the development process.

This course will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge and methodology to review existing post orders and analyze them against common law, legislation acts, company policies, protocols, and procedures. Through this dynamic learning process, you will gain expertise to develop, implement, and maintain a wide range of security practices and procedures.


Customer Experience

2 Weeks – 4 Lessons

As a Manager, you know that driving customer satisfaction is key to your success. It should be a priority. What can you do to create a customer centric culture within your team? This course will leverage the 6 pillars that frame the core competencies of Customer Experience (CX). We will show you how you can ensure your team embraces a CX culture and delivers great experiences to your clients.


Public Speaking Fundamentals

3 Weeks – 3 Lessons
As a Manager, you know there will be times when you must speak in front of a group of people. This can be terrifying to some; but most Managers find it can be exhilarating once they understand the fundamentals of success and gain some actual experience. This course will prepare you for success and provide an opportunity to practice your newfound skills.



6 Weeks – 12 Lessons
Leadership skills can help you gain the respect and admiration of others, while also allowing you to enjoy success in your career and more control over your destiny. Contrary to popular belief, leadership skills can be learned and developed. Even if you do not hold a leadership position, this course will teach you how to use the principles of great leaders to achieve success in almost every aspect of your daily life.


Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel

6 Weeks – 12 Lessons

Are you interested in making better business decisions to increase your company’s profits, move you up the corporate ladder, and help you reach a better, personal financial position? If so, this course is for you.

Using practical explanations and real-life examples, this course will show you how money flows through a typical business. You will learn the basics of how a business operates, including how to develop successful business strategies and how to use financial statements to make better business decisions.

Whether you are an employee, sales executive, supervisor, or manager, this course will help you understand basic financial information and use that information to make decisions that will positively affect your company’s financial situation.

This is a business finance course for non-financial employees and managers. By taking it, you will obtain significantly improved business acumen and financial understanding, and position yourself to be more confident in your business and financial decisions.