The decision to embark on a new life in a new country can be daunting, often filled with uncertainty, challenges, fear, but also exciting and liberating.  PPI Education is a proud supporter, offering entry, advanced and expert level training to many making the move to Canada. This is your guide to navigating getting started and to help build your career in the Security Industry.

Finding Work Once You Arrive

There are many options for work in Canada, however many jobs can be difficult for new Canadians to secure. Security guard training and Security guard jobs are a great way to enter into a lifelong career in Security.

A great entry role into the Security industry is becoming a Security guard. The requirements for the position are attainable for almost everyone and the pay is often above minimum wage.

The requirements for a Security role in most provinces include a 40-hour security training with CPR and first aid training. Once completed you can take the exam and apply for a security licence. Once you receive your security licence, finding employment is often very easy.

Why Pursue a Career in Security

A position as a Security guard in Ontario, Canada pays an average of $40,000.00/an, which is a decent salary for a starter position in Ontario. Taking your security guard training is a great first step for finding employment and entering into the workforce in Ontario.

Many companies seek loyal, trustworthy, and skilled security guards. A security guard job is also an excellent source for a second income. There are a couple of skills which companies will look for:

Language skills

Some provinces such as Alberta and British Columbia require English fluency for security guards, fortunately, this is not a mandate in Ontario. However, building fluency in the English language is strongly encouraged. This can be done through local schools and courses, which can give a certificate to prove your understanding of English. Often Public libraries have many English language learning resources and are free to the public, along with books, podcasts, audiobooks, and video resources at no cost.

As with most things, the more you practice your language skills in your day-to-day life, the more comfortable and stronger your skills become.

Security Training

To become a security guard, you need to complete 40 hours of security training with CPR first aid, and an exam as well as a clean criminal record in Canada, PPI Education can help you get your security guard license, for enrolment information please visit Paragon Security.

There are a variety of extra training courses you can take to become a specialized guard, or fast track your security career through training. Certified Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) training certification is a great way to unlock your career potential and increase your earnings. CASP training is a university-approved micro-credential (Wilfrid Laurier University). It can take years to build the skills and qualifications for various work sites. Each credential opens doors to increased pay and career advancement. CASP offers the fastest way to earn the qualifications for security practitioners. CASP courses cover the most fundamental security training programs required for all market sectors. You can bypass the obstacles of multiple training programs and timelines.

With CASP, you get the best education in the shortest period of time. Enroll today and start tomorrow to get your CASP certification.