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Security Officer Designations

Certified Advanced Security Practitioner TM

CASP TM offers the fastest way to earn the qualifications to become a security professional. Our courses cover the most fundamental security training programs required for all market sectors. Bypass the obstacles of multiple training programs and timelines. With CASP TM, you get the best education in the shortest period of time.

Certified Protection Officer – Canada TM

CPO-CA TM program is designed for security practitioners, and law enforcement and justice students who wish to learn more about security/asset protection. It’s for the career-oriented individual – the difference between a security guard and a Professional Security Practitioner. This course will improve any protection officer’s skills with in-depth theatrical knowledge.

Professional Management Designations

Level 1

Security Management Certification TM

SMC TM is designed for entry level security managers who is interested in advancing their career in the security industry. These courses offer an opportunity to advance the participants foundational knowledge within the security industry and give them the edge they need to excel in their career.

Level 2

Accredited Enterprise Security Manager TM

AESM TM is decided for seasoned Client Service Managers, Operations Managers, and Security Directors – that wish to continue Advancing their career as a professionals in the security industry.

Level 3


Certified Enterprise Security Professional TM

CESP TM is designed for midcareer security professionals and those who are looking for highly practical training in management, leadership, and the latest cutting-edge security technologies. The CESP TM is a recognized and prestigious professional designation that will elevate the participant and highlight the depth of their experience, expertise, and knowledge in today’s security industry.

Certification Courses


Emerging Technologies and Digital Literacy

Digital transformations are changing every aspect of our world, none more so than our places of employment. Automation is expected to impact 50% or more Canadian jobs in the next 10 years. The good news is that new opportunities are filling the gap for those of us who are prepared.

BBD Icon

Breaking Bias by Discourse

This course is designed to help professionals grow personally by enhancing emotional intelligence and self awareness when dealing with cross cultural differences. Learners are engaged in a journey of personal discovery to better understand cognitive and implicit bias. Leave with a new perspective on treating others with dignity and respect.

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Uncovering the Truth: Indigenous People in Canada

The purpose of this course is for you to be able to gain new knowledge and expose you to new perspectives. Thus, you can adapt the lessons and materials in a way that works best for you.


Crisis Negotiation and Intervention Techniques

Crisis Negotiation and Intervention Techniques (CNIT) is an advanced training program designed for security professionals who could benefit from the skills that Law Enforcement Crisis Negotiators use in crisis intervention, de-escalation and techniques used to communicate with people who are in state of crisis, threatening violence, or a public safe risk.

Academic Scholarships