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Negotiation is an essential skill that we use both for our personal and professional lives on a daily basis. Any interaction that results in a decision is ultimately a negotiation. Mastering Negotiation skills are necessary for both personal and organizational success.

Although some individuals are better influential communicators, negotiation success requires more than the ability to persuade others. Planning, preparing, strategizing, and adapting are all critical components of a successful negotiation interaction.

Negotiation is not about winning and losing, it is about identifying the best alternative for an optimized arrangement. It requires continuous assessment, analysis, and critical thinking to secure the best agreement. Fortunately, negotiation skills are ones that can be learned and developed with practice.


  • Basic Principles of Negotiation
  • Negotiation Triple A Methodology
  • Preparing and planning for Negotiation Interactions
  • Influential communication and persuasion
  • Alternative strategies for a successful Negotiation
  • Procurement and Contract management