Course Details:

When is hacking legal? When you use it to secure your own network. This new method of hacking, called ethical hacking or white-hat hacking, uses common and readily available hacking tools and techniques to audit your network so you can locate and close security holes. Whether you’re running a small home network or you’re an enterprise network administrator, this course will teach you how to better protect your system against those who wish to gain unauthorized access.
You’ll gain an understanding of the complex method of electronic breaking and entering. You will learn the terms and programming behind the interaction between hardware and software when communicating through a network. You will follow packets of data from one point to another through an entire network and find out where the flaws exist for data loss and security breaches. You will discover the role of the seven layers of the OSI model, and the dependencies of hardware and software interaction through packet transmission. And you will find out how private data can quickly become public knowledge.
Hackers are costing businesses around the globe several billions of dollars every year. Do not become part of that sad statistic. Sooner or later, you know that somebody is going to try and break into your network. Why not learn how hackers think so you can harden your defenses against them?


  • Introduction to Hacking
  • Social Engineering
  • Google Hacking 101
  • Google Hacking 102
  • The Network Model
  • The Internet and Packet Spoofing
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Port Scanning and Discovery
  • Services
  • More Evil Network Services
  • Audit Plan and Risk
  • Computer Forensics