The Benefits of Lifelong Learning

From online courses to listening to podcasts, continued education can help your life and career. There’s always something to learn. This article will explore 6 benefits to lifelong learning.

Career Paths in Private Security

Career Paths in Private Security

Whether you are new to the security industry or have been working in the frontline as a security practitioner for many years, you may not have realized the career opportunities that exist in the private security industry yet! Read more...

Welcome to Ontario

Making a New Career Choice for Those New to Ontario

There are many jobs to choose from in Ontario, yet many can be difficult for newcomers. In this article we will discover how a role in Security can be rewarding and a great start to a lifelong career in an exciting industry. Read more...

PPI Launches CASP with Laurie University

PPI Education Launches University-Certified Security Training

In the News: PPI Education and Wilfrid Laurier University have partnered to develop exceptional self-paced training for security personnel, Certified Advanced Security Practitioner.

How to Grow in Your Career

How to Grow in Your Career

Are you new to the workforce? Or maybe you've been working for years? In this article we will look at four ways you can keep growing, even if you have been in your role for years. Read more...

PPI Introduces Three Newly Appointed Advisory Board of Directors

Launching an online education training platform less than 6-month ago, PPI has grown exponentially, attracting experts within the Education and Security sectors to their Board. PPI Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of three newly appointed Advisory Board of Directors to provide...Read more.

Designed By Experts

Why Continuing Education is Important to Your Career

Many employers look for employees who are taking a personal interest in their own learning and development. These employees often stand out to management, learn more on how you can be one of these individuals. Read more...

Man looking to a brigh new future in security management

How to Start a New Life in Ontario as a Security Practitioner

Your guide to navigating getting started and to help build your career in the Security Industry. Read more...

Ways to Grow Your Career during the Pandemic

6 Ways to Grow your Career During COVID-19 Pandemic

Our lives have been transformed in almost every aspect with the COVID-19 pandemic, including how we work. . Building new skills, increasing our experience, and building a strong network are only a few of the additional ways we can measure our success. Read more...

Female contemplating the future

5 Types of Roles Beyond Security Guard

Are you considering a career in Security? Security has several roles, and can be an exciting and rewarding career choice. Read more...