If you are a security professional looking for certification to raise your game and enhance your skills, these courses will be a great starting point. Major companies are falling prey to cybercrimes and security breaches, so it makes sense that demand for skilled professionals with security certifications is on the rise. 

By adding a professional designation to your list of accomplishments, you will separate yourself from the competition by bringing in-demand skills with you to your next role. Security certifications are essential for demonstrating your skills, abilities, and knowledge.

1 )  Certified Advance Security Practitioner (CASP)

Are you looking to fast track your security career?

CASP offers you the ability to gain the skills and qualifications of a security professional, without years of experience through its self-paced online training. The course covers the fundamental security training required for all market sectors. 

This 75-hour 23 course program is designed for security professionals who wish to unlock their security potential in the industry. 

 Advantages of achieving CASP

This Certification demonstrates your experience and knowledge in the security industry. The CASP certification is an excellent qualification to have when a potential employer is looking at your resume or LinkedIn Profile.

2) Security Management Certification (SMC)

Are you a security guard or in law enforcement and would like to move into management? The Security Management Certification program provides you with practical knowledge within the security industry, giving you the edge you need to excel in your career.

Security Management Certification is one of the foundation courses offered by PPI Education and designed for anyone who is interested in advancing their career in the security industry. The prerequisite requirements for this course are a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the security industry or successful completion of CASP. This course covers:

  • Fundamentals of Supervision and Management I

  • Security Program Foundations

  • Security Post Orders Review and Development

  • Customer Experience 

  • Public Speaking Fundamentals

  • Effective Coaching and Mentoring

For more information to help you get started, download the brochure at the bottom of the page.  

3) Accredited Enterprise Security Manager™ Certification (AESM™)

Are you already in a managerial position?

This certification gives you the credibility that you need for promotions and potential increases in compensation. AESM certification will provide you with the training and designation to distinguish you from your peers. Participants are required to have a minimum of five years in management experience or already have completed the SMC training. The course covers:

  • Fundamentals of Supervision and Management II

  • Advanced Security Program Functions

  • Focused Security Assessment

  • Physical Security Systems

  • Integrated Security Solutions

  • Introduction to PC Security

  • Emergency Management 

  • Leadership

Advantages of achieving AESM™ Certification

AESM™ Certification is a gamechanger and can increase your earning potential. It demonstrates to your employer that you have a more comprehensive view of management and the security industry and are familiar with the most common threats in the industry.  

4) Certified Enterprise Security Professional™ (CESP™)

The CESP™ designation is specifically designed for advanced security professionals looking for highly practical training in management, leadership, and cutting-edge security technologies. With the ever-changing landscape of technology, you cannot afford to not keep current with soft skills in management and technologies, especially within the security industry. 

CESPCertification requires previous successful completion of the AESM™ Certification. The course covers:

  • Mastery of Business Fundamentals

  • Mastering Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • Building Teams that Work

  • Professional Sales Skills

  • Advanced PC Security

  • Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

  • Agile Leadership Principles and Practices


5) Digital Literacy and Emerging Technologies (DLET)

Digital transformation is the single largest impact to the workplace today. How can you stay current with the ongoing changes? This course will provide you with the knowledge and awareness to be able to stay abreast with the ever-changing landscape of the workplace. Each course is approximately 10 hours total, and includes recent news articles, instructional videos, and discussions of current events related to the subject. The course covers:

  • Artificial Intelligence: The Next Frontier

  • Biometrics: An Introduction to Physiological and Behavioral Biometrics

  • Bitcoin and Blockchain

  • Cybercrime

  • Future Direction in Digital Technology

  • Geographic Information System (GIS)

So, what are you waiting for? Courses start when you are ready – enrol today!