What is continuing education?

Continuing education generally refers to any post-secondary learning or programs that adults pursue after formal education. This can vary from online training, podcast, webinars, one-time training sessions, or in person classes. Some professions require continuing education in a variety of ways. Some of these requirements come in the form of yearly classes or tests to keep you up on changes in your industry.

Certain professions require ongoing credits to maintain certifications, this can be in the form of lectures, in person training, or online classes and reading.

So how can continuing education benefit you and your career?

Increases your chances for promotion

Many employers look for employees who are taking a personal interest in their own learning and development. These employees often stand out to management and are first in line for promotions or additional projects, giving them the advantage. Employers recognize the investment you have made, whether time or money to improve themselves, and they want to reward this effort. The additional education can make you more qualified for new responsibilities or roles within the organization.

For example, within the Security industry as a Security guard taking additional Applied and Technical Certification Training allows the certificated employee to work at a great variety of companies and in more roles.

Increase Your Pay

Continuing education often leads to a role with more task and responsibility thus being paid a higher hourly or annual salary. Continuing education has shown to have a direct impact of increasing an employee’s salary.

If you’re hoping to get a raise or move to a career with higher pay, continuing education should be part of your overall plan.

Increases Your Ability to Change Careers

If you are looking to make a career change, education is an important factor. Many professions have strict educational requirements to qualify for jobs, at times obtaining these prerequisites for careers such as teacher, or medical professional can take years.

Yet, many roles merely require you to maintain industry trends and developments. Often continuing education doesn’t mean an entire career change, rather a role change within a similar career.

For example: Entering into a new role within management can mean several new responsibilities, investing in continuing education to improve or give you the skills required will be vital to your success.

Learning new skills through continuing education is key to being prepared for a career development.

Enrich Your Lifestyle

In the pursuit of many life goals, continued education is often overlooked, however its benefits are far reaching especially into a person’s lifestyle.

Continued education can increase your salary, provide advantages in your career, responsibilities and help get noticed for promotion. When you spend time learning new skills, the outcomes are positive for your job and your life. When you improve your job this often affects the rest of your life, finding greater joy and success.

Enhance Your Personal Development

If lifestyle and career changes are not motivating factors for you, it doesn’t mean continuing education isn’t right for you. Esports have seen lifelong learning has a direct connection to a person’s happiness levels.

Whether you want to learn for career development or learn for personal growth, taking advantage of continuing education has the advantage of personal development, inner satisfaction and contentment.

If you believe that continuing education is a good path for you, where do you start next? How do you determine the best courses to take for your career development?

There are many options for how you can pursue continuing education.

  • Seek within your existing workplace if there are courses or seminars specific for your company that you could participate in.
  • Ask trusted colleagues, friends, and family about what they have done to pursue continuing education.
  • Look online at continuing education courses

There’s no time like now to start learning!